Is the Military Woke or Racist?

Your answer says more about your class than the military

Is the Military Woke or Racist?
Photo by Lisa Ferdinando (The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense visual information does not imply or constitute endorsement)

When Tucker Carlson and top military brass clashed last week over what Carlson argued was the feminization of the US military, two things happened. The first was a public condemnation of an individual citizen’s political beliefs by Pentagon staff acting in their official capacity. The second was widespread accusations of woke culture run amok in the military.

But is the military actually woke? This question bears better explicating.

Carlson’s comments were delivered in a hyperbolic manner, as comments usually are on such talk shows. But what is said on any program in America should never warrant any sort of official response from the military.

Thus, the first mark indicating the possibility of a politically left leaning military is the fact that both civilian and uniformed military leadership under the current administration are perfectly happy to use their positions to promote and enforce ideological orthodoxy.

For what the facts are worth, Carlson’s reasons for saying what he did were likely founded in the data. It is well established that all-male military units perform better than mixed-sex units, and that 84 percent of women fail the Army combat fitness test, compared to 30 percent of men. That’s not misogyny, that’s reality.

The offhanded comments of a few officers and press staffers are not necessarily indicative of a woke culture in the military, however. More evidence is certainly needed to flesh out any belief that there is a broad political bias in the military.

Among top brass, unfortunately, such evidence is bountiful.

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